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ABA Machine Allows 50% - 70% CaCo³ to Lower Cost

Cost Effective ABA, ABC Blown Film Line

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YE I blown film extrusion line – space, power consumption, Labor and time-Saving solutions

Five years ago, a plastic bag company visited YE I at a plastic tradeshow. They requested solutions for cost reduction manufacturing and production capacity increasing. The client was a plastic shopping bag supplier who owns 90% of market share in West Africa and had been producing 1,000 tons/month of plastic bags using 100 small blown film machines made in India, with 200 employees.

For cost reduction, they wished to cut down the cost of electricity and labor. Thus, YE I suggested semi-auto and ABA extrusion lines. To raise production capacity, larger and no disruption screen changer blown film lines were recommended.

Five years later, the client has bought several A-B-A multi-layer blown film extruders from YE I to replace old single layer ones with 2,000 tons/month production capability. And the client's continued ordering is the best indicator of how they feel about YE I's blown film systems line.

Multilayer co-extrusion blown film line

Multilayer co-extrusion blown film line

50% - 70% calcium carbonate added for cost reduction - great saving in material cost

When compounded material is over 20%, such as CaCo³ (Calcium Carbonate), the plastic film quality becomes unstable. However, YE I's plastic bag blown film equipment allows you to add up to 50% - 70% of CaCo³ and the film remains clear, strong and smooth. It's YE I's extrusion technology, which is equipped with two extruders and an ABA die head.

  • one extruder for both A-layer, which is smaller, operates slower and only delivers 20%-30% new plastic resins,
  • the other extruder for middle layer, which is a layer that uses recycled plastic resins and CaCo³.

ABA layer blown film line significantly reduces the cost of raw material while keeping plastic film quality at a high level. Ranging from a single layer to seven, YE I provides competitive blown film systems to help their clients stay ahead in the market.

No Disruption screen changer blown film equipment

Screen replacement is necessary when recycled plastic pellet is added in raw materials due to the uneven quality of pellets. However, it took approx. 3 hours/3 times a day to change the screens in a blown film line, that is over 400 kg loss of production. By adopting exclusive technology to YE I's tubular film extrusions, screens can be changed without stopping them. "Our technology has increased our client's production capacity. Their constant ordering is the proof of their great satisfaction.", said David Huang, sales representative of YE I.

Blown film extruder plastic bag applications

YE I's blown film equipment is suitable for making bags for holding liquids and packaging. "We save money by purchasing cost-effectiveness blown film extruders from YE I, it’s a win-win solution." said a manager of the plastic bag company.

The client has bought over 27 machines all together, 4 plastic waste recycling machine and 23 blown film lines, and has been regularly ordering every year.

"We constantly provide new technologies and designs to ensure our clients stay competitive."

said David Huang, sales representative of YE I.

What You Get From YE I's Blown Film Machine

Multilayer co-extrusion blown film line

Layer blown film line's

    It is beneficial when you buy plastic extrusion machines from YE I, the advantages include:
  • high speed operation with expected production amount,
  • single or multi-layer films,
  • up to 50% - 70% CaCo³ and recycled resin,
  • HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE film blown
  • no disruption screen changer,
  • quality plastic film (ABC, ABA blown film machine),
  • energy-saving,
  • less labor needed,
  • controlled production amount,
  • various bag styles and colors.

10,000 Blown Film Extrusion Line Sold in 90 Countries Worldwide - YE I Sells With Good Reputation

YE I has already sold over 10,000 of blown film machines and other related equipment in 90 countries, mostly in Europe, Asia and North America. Along with blown film extruders, plastic waste recycling equipment is purchased to handle left over bags. The best-selling equipment, ABA Blown Film Extrusion Line, has been sold over thousands of them. Therefore, if you are looking for a trustworthy and innovative blown film line supplier, look no further than YE I.

  • multilayer co-extrusion blown film line
  • multilayer co-extrusion blown film line

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