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Better Plastic Waste Recycling Line Solutions fromYE I

Because YE I (Ye I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.)'s marvelous design, one of the largest plastic bag providers in the U.S., replaced their entire old pellet processing lines within 5 years by purchasing YE I's 10 waste plastic recycling machines to lower their production costs.

As you know, plastic resin clots when heat is generated, therefore, cooling-off is necessary. In most plastic bag recycling equipment designs, water spraying is installed to diminish the heat. Rather than using water to decrease the heat during plastic bag's shredder process, YE I uses blow air. Why? It is to avoid issues related to water pollution and water content in the pellet that may change the structure of the granules. By doing so, the client's plastic bag waste is recycled efficiently. As a result, the great performance of the 1st plastic pelletizer machine encouraged them to buy the 2nd one half year later and continuously purchased two machines each year, 5 years in a row. There are 9 machines (YDS-V120) with 600kg/hr production capability and 1 machine with 1000kg/hr production capability.

plastic waste recycling machine YDS-V120

plastic waste recycling machine YDS-V120

The client sells their shopping/grocery bags to top five major supermarkets and shopping malls in the U.S. such as Home Depot, Walmart, etc., and they used to buy plastic bag recycling processing equipment from Austria. YE I's brilliant design changed their purchasing decision. YE I is a plastic machinery supplier that is particularly specialized in providing film extrusion and plastic bag recycling machinery for over 50 years. Of late, their newly designed plastic bag recycling line has been sold over 1,200 and to over 90 countries.

Why YE I's plastic bag pelletizing systems?

Many plastic bag suppliers are buying plastic bag recycling machines to handle the leftovers rather than cashing them out due to the recent increase in the value of materials. Plastic bags are now recycled and reused to lower the cost of plastic bag production. With YE I's design, plastic bags are recycled and reproduced with great results. YE I spent 40 years developing five series’ pellet processing systems, each series is an upgrade. YE I's pellet processing machine is designed with smart engineering solutions to detect and to pelletize and make plastic granule that has excellent strength, durability and high density.

    Each plastic bag recycling processing line contains:
  • hydraulic screen changer,
  • single vented type extruder,
  • die face pelletizer,
  • cooling device,
  • pellets conveying blower,
  • pellets collection silo,
  • intelligent control system and,
  • it's suitable for PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, ABS, PS.
YDN drawing
  1. Automatic conveyor belt
  2. Metal detector : as soon as the metal is detected, the conveyor belt would stop automatically. (Optional)
  3. Plastic shredder
  4. Nip-roller : it is suitable for rolls of plastic waste. Feeding can be done manually or automatically. (Optional)
  5. Extruder
  6. Control panel of plastic recycling equipment
  7. Air vent : to remove the moist and ink after melting process. Extra air vent is allowed.
  8. No disruption screen changer
  9. Pellet cutting device : it is to adjust the size of plastic pellets.
  10. Vibrating dryer : by vibration, fluid is removed and perfect size pellets are selected.
  11. Centrifuge: it is to remove the moist from pellets. (optional)
  12. Plastic pellet silo

Smart solutions for your plastic bag recycling machinery – Time saving. More functional

Metal detector

Metal Detector is a function that would stop the machine when any metal particles are detected, which can prevent the further damaging of the machine and reinforce the quality of each plastic pellet.

Hydraulic screen changer

Hydraulic Screen Changer is an easy-switching. It allows changing screen without machine shut-down while the plastic pelletizing machine is operating.

Cost effective, high performance plastic bag recycling machinery

The plastic waste is shredded in the drum, the material is agglutinated depending on its friction. However, the friction causes the rising temperature in the drum. Unlike most of the manufacturers that use water to reduce the temperature in the drum, YE I uses air. When the temperature in the drum reaches a certain degree, air blow is triggered to cool off. By doing so, water contamination and change of plastic element are avoided, and as a result, the quality of recycled plastic pellet is better.

With YE I's plastic recycling processing machine, the air blow method decreases the temperature in the drum, which allows production of plastic pellet with better quality. Because of that, you will be able to put 50% recycled plastic pellets in the blown film line, which is a lot higher than the 20%-30% in today's market. Therefore, the cost is lowered.

Plastic waste recycling machine - YDN series

YDN plastic waste recycling machine
    Direct combination of shredder / extruder / pelletizer
  • Applicable materials : HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, ABS, PS.
  • Suitable for : yarn, film, powder and plastic waste materials.
  • Die-face pelletizer.
  • With venting hole. A vacuum pump is available as optional.
  • Twin hydraulic cylinder type screen charger - allows changing screen without machine shut-down.

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