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Blown Film Line and Plastic Waste Recycling Flow Chart

PE Blown Film Line, PP Blown Film Line, Plastic Waste Recycling Line

Blown Film, Plastic Pellets Recycling Equipment, Plastic Film Washing Unit, All Extrusion Lines


Processing procedure of PE blown film line, PP blown film line, plastic waste recycling line

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PE Blown Film Line Processing

HDAS - PE Blown Film Line
  1. 1. Take-off roller
  2. 2. Fixed collar
  3. 3. Air Ring
  4. 4. Die Head
  1. 5. Rotating Mold (Additional equipment)
  2. 6. Filter
  3. 7. Extruder
  1. 8. Auto-loader device (Additional equipment)
  2. 9. Gearbox
  • Air ring : Aluminum alloy-made high performance cooling system, steady wind flow, single and double air ring with precisely-built die head in order to produce large amounts and good quality plastic film.
  • Filter : Filter through impurities without leaking. Easy to change filter screen.
  • Extruder : Lower metal frame, built with iron casting gear box that is made of alloy steel with heat treatment and precise grinding. Solid, flexible, energy-saving, special spiral design with increased production capacity.
  • Additional equipment is available : automatic suction feeder, air compressor, knurling wheel, anti static equipment, rotating mold, connected printer.

PP Blown Film Line Processing

PP Blown Film Line
  1. 1. Extruder
  2. 2. Die Head
  3. 3. Rotary Die Device
  4. 4. Air Ring
  5. 5. Water Ring
  1. 6. Cooling System
  2. 7. 1st Take Up Unit
  3. 8. 2st Take Up Unit
  4. 9. Dry System
  1. 10. 3rd Take Up Unit
  2. 11. Winder
  3. 12. Control Panel

Raw material is sent into extruder

Plastic pellet is heated

Plastic film is formed through die head, and then goes into cooling system.

The cooling system allows plastic film to form with expected thickness. Water ring is used to increase its transparency.

100% plastic film water removal using heating equipment.

Plastic film roller with adjustable speed to ensure the film curled up into a neat coil.


Plastic bag recycling processing

YDN drawing
  1. Automatic conveyor belt
  2. Metal detector : as soon as the metal is detected, the conveyor belt would stop automatically. (Optional)
  3. Plastic crusher
  4. Plastic waste feeding device : it is suitable for rolls of plastic waste. Feeding can be done manually or automatically. (Optional)
  5. Extruder
  6. Control panel of plastic film recycling equipment
  7. Air vent : to remove the moist and oil after melting process. Additional air vent is allowed.
  8. No disruption screen changer
  9. Pellet cutting device : it is to adjust the size of plastic pellets.
  10. Shaking and selecting : by vibration, fluid is removed and perfect size pellets are selected.
  11. Plastic waste dehydrator : it is to remove the moist from pellets.
  12. Plastic pellet collector

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