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About 50 years ago, YE I MACHINERY FACTORY CO., LTD (YE I), located in Taiwan with 90 employees, imported three SIG and TVT deep hole drilling machine allowing them to handle up to six-meter barrels in a short time. Later, the procurement of three pieces of MAZAK and DMG 5 axis machining equipment provided infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process. Since then, it had changed the whole plastic industry.

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Ye I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.

Self-Built to ensure machine quality

Air ring, die head, cylinder and extruder are critical parts of a blown film extrusion. YE I imported the best metalworking equipment to assure those parts’ precision. The computer monitored machining ensures every part of blown film line is correctly manufactured without human error. With all of the equipment, and because of the importance of cylinder to the plastic industry, YE I became the largest and the number one machining service provider and also supplies 80% self-built processing equipment with controlled cost, production capacity, quality and deadline. In addition, YE I also designed their own gauge to enforce test accuracy.

Blown film line development

YE I was the 1st supplier to develop blown film extrusion that is capable of producing plastic film for farming. For the last 50 years, their persistent development has allowed them to provide blown film lines for making 7-layer films, color choices, plastic film for heavy-duty and electronic products. Regardless of sack bags plastic, food & chemical packaging plastic, vacuum packaging plastic, logistic packaging plastic or shopping bag plastic, YE I’s blown film lines assure you quality film.

Blown film equipment advantages

To increase production capacity, YE I has designed no disruption screen changer blown film equipment to gain operation time; CaCo³ is allowed to add Up to 50% -70% to lower material cost, and ultimately the quality of film is – stretchable, high transparency and brightness, and flexible for bulk packaging.

multilayer co-extrusion blown film line HSRT-TR65-1500

multilayer co-extrusion blown film line

Better Plastic Waste Recycling Line Solutions

With YE I's plastic recycling processing machine, the air blow method decreases the temperature in the drum, which allows production of plastic pellet with better quality. Because of that, you will be able to put 50% recycled plastic pellets in the blown film line, which is a lot higher than the 20%-30% in today's market. Therefore, the cost is lowered.

Machinery sold over 10,000 pieces in 90 countries

Today, YE I has sold over 10,000 pieces of processing equipment worldwide – 34% in Europe, 12% in America and 23% in Asia. Even in Japan, where it used to be Austria and Germany's market, now is dominated by YE I.

Lower cost, Better production – a turnkey project provider

YE I, is a solution provider in the plastic industry specialized in assisting companies that wish to lower production costs and increase production capacity. At YE I, your production issue is tackled and addressed with solutions. It means achieving clients' expectations with professional guidance.

Possessed machining tools

Machines & EquipmentsQuantity
SIG and TVT deep hole drilling equipment3
MAZAK and DMG 5 axis machining equipment3
Lathe machine tools : HR 30001
Lathe machine tools : SE 32801
Lathe machine tools : WH 20001
Lathe machine tools : CHD23003
Lathe machine tools : 10001
Lathe machine tools : 15001
Lathe machine tools : SE32601
Lathe machine tools : 20001
Milling machine1
3 axial milling machine EM1460B1
Shaping machine 36"1
Shaping machine 26"1
Radial drilling machine 15001
Radial drilling machine 11001
Radial drilling machine 8201
CNC 3 axial drilling YL520B1
Manual radial drilling machine1
Tapping machine1
Possessed Machining Tools Mazak Possessed Machining Tools DMG

Possessed Machining Tools

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Inventory Arrangement

Each Department Receives Parts and Accessories

Each Department Inspects Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories Assembly

1st Inspection

Equipment Test

Inspect and Report

Operation Confirmation

Take Equipment Apart

Packing and Shipping

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