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A-B-A or A-B-C Blown Film Lines?

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The differences between A-B-A and A-B-C blown film extrusion systems

What are the differences between A-B-A and A-B-C blown film lines? A-B-A consists of two extruders, whereas A-B-C has three. In A-B-C blown film extrusion, with three extruders equipped in the machine, the percentage of material contained in each layer is controlled. Let's say 20% raw material, 30% recycled plastic pellets and 50% CaCo³ (Calcium Carbonate), material is precisely extruded. Therefore, budget control is efficient. Compared to A-B-A's two extruders, ABA may be slightly less accurate.

Apart from low cost production, the plastic film can be made with choices of colors, which allows barrier film packaging for blocking sun or light. In addition, it allows vacuum packaging of food products, water-proof and farm packaging of items that require high standard plastic qualities. As for A-B-A, plastic bags are mostly made for shopping malls and supermarkets.

Unlike before, when bags were priced based on the number of bags, today, it is charged by weight, and it is beneficial when CaCo³ is added with low price.

The design of extrusion die determines the number of layers (3, 5, 7 and 9 layer), however, three-layer system is commonly used. Both blown film lines enable suppliers to process solid, high strength plastic bags with great durability.

High speed mono layer blown film line HDAS-65-1200-1

High speed mono layer blown film line HDAS-65-1200-1

YE I's plastic bag Blown film line in turkey

High speed mono layer blown film line HDAS-65-1500-1

High speed mono layer blown film line

Through an agent, YE I was able to sell their blown film extrusion systems to the largest plastic bag supply company in Turkey. The client needed to increase their current production capacity; they were producing 10,000 tons of plastic film per month. After evaluating a few blown film extruder suppliers, YE I was selected. For the last seven years, the client has ordered 20 ABC 3-layer blown film lines and the cost-effective production was delivered by controlling the volume of input material on each layer.

"That's the benefit of our ABC blown film extruders, you are allowed to modify the percentage of material on each layer, for example 10kg raw material for A-layer, 50kg recycled plastic pellets for B-layer and 10kg CaCo³ for C- layer," says Richard Chen, the sales representative of YE I.

With the low cost production, the quality of the plastic bag is not sacrificed.

As a result, because YE I's solid reputation in blown film equipment, over 300 blown film extrusions have been sold in Turkey since then.

YE I's blown film line in Russia

Unlike most of the clients who buy A-B-A blown film line for making regular plastic bags, the client in Russia has purchased A-B-C 3-layer blown film extruders to provide plastic bags due to the increased market needs.

A supplier of supermarket plastic bags in Russia has been buying single layer blown film extruders from YE I. They bought 20 blown film lines at the beginning, years later, 3 plastic waste recycling equipment and 3 washing line for plastic film were purchased to cope with large amount of recycled plastic wrapping film.

The blown film equipment designed for the client has appropriate flow path, and the temperature distribution and pressure drop are processed adequately. YE I's blown film line technology is excellent due to years of collected experience. And it is beyond your expectations.

multi-layer co extrusion blowing film lines

HSRT-T55/65 - YE I's multi-layer co-extrusion blowing film lines

ProductionCo-extrusion multiple film
Thickness (mm)0.025~0.25(m/m)
Max layflat width (mm)1350m/m
Max output150kg/hr.~200kg/hr.
(Depending on size of die, working conditions & material properties)
ExtruderGear3 alex transmissible type
Screw dia.65m/m*1 + 55m/m*2
Screw speed0~100 r.p.m.
Material of screwMade from SACM-645 alloy steel, hardchromed plated and nitrided
Material of barrelMade from SACM-645 alloy steel, polished and nitrided
Temperature control3*2 + 3*1
Main driving motorMotor A.C.30HP*2 / 50Hp*1
Air ring350m/m
Oscillating take-unitDriving motor1HP acinverter, 0.2kg/m torque motor w/reducer
Take-up speed0~80m/min.
Nip-roll face lenght1500m/m
Total height of take-up unit8000m/m
WinderTypeSingle or back-to-back tension winder
Max. winding web width (max.)1350m/m
Max. winding web dia.500m/m~1000m/m
Winding motor0.5kg/m torque motor w/reducer
Winding speed0~80m/min.
Conrol panelIsolated type with complete set of high grade electrical parts.
YE I, is a solution provider in the plastic industry specialized in assisting companies that wish to lower production costs and increase production capacity.

PE Blown Film Line Processing

HDAS - PE Blown Film Line
  1. 1. Take Up Unit
  2. 2. Stablizer
  3. 3. Air Ring
  4. 4. Die Head
  1. 5. Rotary Die Head (Additional Equipment)
  2. 6. Filter
  3. 7. Extruder
  1. 8. Auto-loader (Additional equipment)
  2. 9. Gear box (3 Axle Driving Type)
  • Semi-Auto Winder : Film cut-off by penumatically powered flying knife at preset target film length. Torque motor can be adjusted. Winding speed: Max. 100m/min (HD), 60m/min(LD), back to back winder is available.
  • Air ring : Aluminum alloy-made high performance cooling system, steady wind flow, single and dual-lips air ring with precisely-built die head in order to produce good quality plastic film.
  • Filter : Filter through impurities without leaking. Easy to change filter screen.
  • Extruder : Lower metal frame, built with iron casting gear box that is made of alloy steel with heat treatment and precise grinding. Special screw design with increased production capacity.
  • Additional equipment is available : auto loader, air compressor, embossing roller, corona treator, rotary die, in-time printer.

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