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Plastic Waste Recycling Line. 24hr 100% Automatic. 500kg Per Hour Production Capacity

YE I Plastic Waste Recycling Equipment Meets High Standards to Receive Orders

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YE I's plastic waste recycling equipment achieves high standards with certified plastic pellet

  • Plastic Waste Recycling Equipment Supply - YE I
  • 24hr automatic operation plastic waste recycling equipment - YE I
  • automatic operation plastic waste recycling equipment supply- YE I
  • 500kg per hour production of plastic waste recycling machine
  • Plastic Waste Recycling Equipment Supply with 40 years of experience - YE I
  • Plastic Waste Recycling Equipment Supply - YE I

24hr automatic operation plastic waste recycling equipment was built after 2 years of transformation by YE I

With acceptable range of Melt Flow Index, low-friction, low-wear plastic and no fish eye after using the recycled plastic pellets to make plastic film, and 500kg per hour production, YE I was selected to became the only supplier of plastic waste recycling equipment to a Japanese integrated chemical industry group company with business in 25 countries and regions worldwide and specialized in making plastic film for electronic products.

Plastic pellets produced by a waste recycling machine have to meet certain standards. Once passed, a certification from the company is received. Of course, not every supplier met the requirements. YE I's seasoned experience allowed them to keep adjusting the machine, the speed and the temperature, until the quality of plastic resin is qualified.

Here's the procedure of the selection process: the Japanese company received test data of plastic sheets, brought the plastic sheets to YE I and other suppliers for production, brought produced plastic pellets for re-production in Japan, tested the quality of the plastic sheets with data comparison, such as MI, fish-eye, strength, impact and weight evaluations.

As a result, YE I passed the tests and the client ordered four waste recycling equipments for their plant in Taiwan. There are two plastic film production lines and each line is equipped with two plastic waste recycling machines.

plastic particle

Different automatic standards of waste recycling machine

The Japanese client asked for 100% automatic plastic recycling machines. At the beginning, YE I designed a machine that requires assistance from one staff, however, that wasn't good enough. Thus YE I modified the waste recycling machine to become an auto-detect machine, which allows being absent after set up.

"There were 5 of us in the competition, basically they would reproduce plastic films using the pellets made by your pelletizing systems, and the quality of the film has to certified, which was created by TAF. The film was requested to be pure without any defects." said a sales manager of YE I.

It's about the temperature and the right amount of the plastic pellets. You can buy a plastic waste recycling machine with all the functions, but without the right knowledge, the performance of resin can be unsatisfactory.

said Mr. Lin, the sales manager of YE I.

The plastic granules from YE I's plastic waste recycling machinery will be used for plastic sheets' manufacturing, and the sheets are used for cutting edge products including optical films, electronics film, packaging films, decorative films, solar cells, etc. Therefore, plastic resins were tested by a team of staff from the headquarters in Japan, on the basis of their qualifications, including tensile, compression, peel and COF tests. That is, no fisheyes, contamination, bumps or stretches on a meter. In addition, if there is a fisheye in a meter, the size is regulated.

Water cooled plastic waste recycling machine : YDN-V120

Item YDN-V120
Max. productivity (per hour) PP 500kg
HDPE 550kg
LDPE 600kg
Total power consumption 292kw
Total weight machine 12500kg
Shredding unit Shredder drum dia. (m/m) 1000Ø
Driving motor 100HP
Sheredding knives 4 for rotary
17 for stationary
Extruder Type Non-vented or vented type, depending on the material property
Screw diameter (m/m) 120Ø
L/D ratio 30/1
Screw RPM 0~130
Barrel heater 51kw
Barrel cooling By air
Temperature control zone 1/4HP blower*5
Main driving motor 175HP AC
Screen changer Type Hydraulic operative device with 2 cylinders and non-stop machine running design not to make any interference to machine output
Heater 11.8kw
Temperature control zone 1
Pump 5HP
Die & pelletizer Die type Circular shape extrusion die
Die heater 3.5kw
Pelletizer type Die-face type relletizing unit
Pelletizer heater 5HP
Temperature control zone 1
Cooling unit (vibrating dryer) Type By water
Water trough dimensions (m/m) 3615*700*471
Water pump 5HP
Vibration motor or centrifuge 1/4HP*4
Centrifuge Type Vertical
Motor 5HP
Conveyor for waste Type Rubber band type conveyor device
Feeding speed 0.05m/sec
Band size(m/m) 4950(L)*670(W)
Driving motor 2HP
Machine dimension (L*W*H)(m/m) 12000*5820*4200

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